Rust Prevention and Restoration
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Rust Prevention and Restoration
The Shop presents Rust Solutions and Gas Tank Repair Prevent or Kill Rust, Repair your Gas Tank, Sandblasters
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Rust Prevention and Restoration

Preparation & Application


No sealer works in a contaminated tank.
First clean your tank, you can use our gas tank etch for this step. Next rinse tank with water and let it air dry, last apply gas tank sealer. If tank has oily residue clean tank with lacquer thinner or acetone prior to using tank etch. On heavy rusted tanks take a length of chain and shake in tank when using etch.


After tank is cleaned simply pour in sealer and slosh to cover all surfaces. Do not mix used product with unused product.


Works best between 55 & 85 degrees. Do not apply sealer to hot tank.


Allow 24 TO 48 hours drying time for sealer.


Unopened can 2 years - Opened can - 3 to 6 months - once can has been opened even when not used this shortens the sealers life considerably.


Do not work around flames. Always work in a well ventilated area while wearing gloves, protective clothing and eye protection.

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Rust Prevention and Restoration
Rust Prevention and Restoration, Gas Tank Sealer, Sandblaster
Rust Prevention and Restoration
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