Rust Prevention and Restoration
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Rust Prevention and Restoration
The Shop presents Rust Solutions and Gas Tank Repair Prevent or Kill Rust, Repair your Gas Tank, Sandblasters
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Rust Prevention and Restoration

Preparation & Application


Clean area of any wax or grease, if part is painted remove paint to get to any appearing rust. Scrape or wirebrush off any obvious loose metals or flakes.


"THE DESTROYER" Can be brushed, dipped, or sprayed on. After coating part, liberaly work into the surface with steel wool, scotchbrite pad or bristle brush.

Heavy stubborn rust should be resprayed or soak a cloth with "THE DESTROYER" and lay it on the rusted surface. Keep surface wet until the product has had enough time to penetrate the surface. On heavy baked on rust, first break the surface by grinding , sanding or sandblasting.


Leave "THE DESTROYER" on the metal for a minimum of 30 minutes or longer. Next rinse part with water. Let part air dry then apply primer/paint or fillers.

At times a brown to red haze will appear. This colored haze is a highly effective coating that follows the rust killing process, creating an anchor for primer


"THE DESTROYER" leaves a mild rust inhibiting coating, but must be topcoated ( Primered or Painted ) shortly after use.


Unopened container 3 years opened container 1 year


Always work in a well ventilated area while wearing protective clothing,gloves & eyewear

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Rust Prevention and Restoration
Rust Prevention and Restoration, Gas Tank Sealer, Sandblaster
Rust Prevention and Restoration
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