Rust Prevention and Restoration
Solutions for Rust
Rust Prevention and Restoration
The Shop presents Rust Solutions and Gas Tank Repair Prevent or Kill Rust, Repair your Gas Tank, Sandblasters
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Rust Prevention and Restoration

Preperation & Application


Shake product. Apply a liberal coat to the rusted area with a brush, roller or spray gun. If thinning for spraying is needed, reduce with water no more than 10%. Allow a set up time of min 25 minutes then apply a 2nd coat if needed.


Apply right over rust, in fact untouched rust is the best surface for this coating. Remove all wax grease & oil. The conversion color to black is based on the thickness of the rust. Thicker the rust, the deeper & darker the black.


Allow 24 hrs, minimum, but no more than 48 hrs before painting. Top coat with , enamels, latex, water base, and other paints recommender for metals.


Let dry for 45 minutes @ 70 degrees & 70% humidity


Unopened container 2 years, opened container up to 12 months


Always work in a well ventilated area, wear gloves, protective clothing and eye protection

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Rust Prevention and Restoration
Rust Prevention and Restoration, Gas Tank Sealer, Sandblaster
Rust Prevention and Restoration
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