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Providing automotive restoration chemical rust products since 1976!

Our  prices are the lowest  in the nation.  All products in this website have been thoroughly tested and are guaranteed 100%. You will find the most often asked questions and some very helpful hints on how to save your time.

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You can call with any questions to our open product line phone number: (805) 238-7054

The Shop product line started over 45 years ago as a full service restoration facility. Restoring from exotic automobiles to collectible tractors.

With the restoration of older vehicles came the ever so common problems of rust and leaking fuel tanks. After testing many of the chemical products available at the time we noticed a void in this field of items that did actually work.

Research was started and after many years of testing and reformulating, “The Shop” product line was released to the public in 1976. All products do exactly as stated.

A few regular purchasers of our line of products include: The U.S. Postal System, U.S. Air Force, Department of Forestry, mining and oil companies, farm equipment companies, body shops across the country and thousands of home restorers.