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  • Rust Destroyer Quart


    Preparation & Application - Questions & Answers   -   Tips & Tricks

    "THE DESTROYER" penetrates deep into ferrous metal seeking out all corrosive action. This product soaks into metal as though it were a sponge, killing all forms of rust on contact. "The Destroyer" will not harm non-rusted metal. Once "The Destroyer" has found and stopped all rust progression it then reappears on the surface in a variety of colors, from gray to brown. "THE DESTROYER" does not eat metal. This products purpose is to immediately kill all corrosive action that it contacts. At the same time preparing the metal for primer or paint always leaving a complete rust and corrosion free surface. When brown spots or rust appear through your primer or paint this is caused from corrosion still in the metal when the topcoat was applied. Even when metals are sanded, ground or sandblasted rust is still active in the metal.
    All metals should be treated prior to primer or paint
    "THE DESTROYER" Is a very effective all-purpose rust and ferrous stain remover for use on tools, cars, tractors, implements, wrought iron and 100s of other parts.